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Using Meditation

Using Meditation to Create Sacred Spaces

Call it meditation, call it prayer, but this will change your life. Build a quiet, sacred place at home where you can sit or lie down to meditate. This space can be anywhere, your bathroom, living room or backyard—anywhere you feel you can make your own. Beginning mediations should be focused on empowerment and forgiveness. Meditation is a miracle that makes it possible to control your health and body with your mind. The research is overwhelming—meditation decreases stress hormones, insomnia, recurrence of depression, anxiety, blood pressure. At the same time it increases focus, concentration, memory, immunity and contentment.

How to meditate:

Be aware of your breath, allowing it to be louder than your thoughts. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your nose only whiling keeping your mouth closed. Place your left hand over your heart, place your right on your stomach area, now close your eyes and focus on your breath. Now, speak aloud to yourself, “I am reflecting on where I am in life. I am the power and authority in my life. God, universe or high power I am grateful for all that I have. I feel positive. Good things can and will happen to me. I feel safe in my body and skin. I deserve to feel happy and beautiful. I have nothing negative in my mind. I have control over this feeling and I can free myself. I will me mindful of everything I put in my body and on my body. I believe in myself and my dreams are coming true.”

I truly believe that if you believe in yourself with passion and disciple, what you wish for will come true. Stay mindful, present and focus on moving forward into the positive.

Now, I’d like you to take five deep breaths and on each exhalation say a line from this brief positive meditation, either silently or aloud:

My body is strong
My mind is clear
My heart is open
I forgive myself and others
I am free

I know it can be very difficult to forgive those who’ve wronged you—but it is essential to becoming pain-free. One University of Manchester study found that women with chronic migraines experienced fewer headaches and were better able to control spikes in their blood pressure and pulse when they used “autogenic training,” a method of relaxation, visualization, and positive self-talk. While their training was more involved than this exercise, if you make this a nightly habit, to consistently breathe and repeat these positive mantras, you will help to tone your parasympathetic nervous system, which will quiet down your pain signals and help you cope with stress better. Over the long haul, letting go of your anger toward others will help you release not only the emotional pain but also the physical pains are associated with any traumas you’ve endured.

Remember, although your sacred place is most likely at home, you can meditate anywhere. Use your office or car as a meditation place when needed because ultimately your mind is your sacred place. Breathe out the negative and welcome the positive!

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