Vicky Vlachonis

Shake Off Aches Naturally

From: Daily Mail  Most of us have niggly chronic aches and pains. So we take a pill, maybe visit the doctor and just get on with it. But according to qualified osteopath Vicky Vlachonis, that approach rarely works long term.  …

The Three Day Liver Flush

From: Beliefnet  The aim of the Liver Flush is to cleanse the body and allow the immune system to heal. The cleanse, or detoxification, is an age-old process that’s a part of many cultural and religious traditions. Read more at

[VIDEO] Dr. Oz: End Your Chronic Pain

From: Dr. Oz  Osteopath Vicky Vlachonis and Dr. Oz discuss her three-step plan that will have you pain-free in one month. Get to the root of your pain and try these five exercises to heal your mind and body together.…